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Gay Girl Good God by Jackie Hill Perry—Book Review

The words homosexual and heterosexual were coined in Germany. Throughout the next sixty years, sex experts primarily in Germany struggled to understand how people were attracted to the same sex, and what may have caused it. They were also trying to understand anyone who participated in sex for erotic pleasure without the intent to procreate, what we now call heterosexuals were included in that scrutiny. So, even men and women, married or not, who had sex without intent to procreate there are lots of ways men and women have sex that are not procreative, right?

By about the s, sex slowly became unhinged from procreation, and passion in sex moved from perversion to normal.

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Homosexuality, still a mystery to sex experts, became a topic of speculation as to what may have caused it. Was it incomplete childhood psychosexual development? An immature heterosexuality? Did an overprotective mother and distant father create a gay child?

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A translation team working on the Revised Standard Version translates two Greek words, arsenokoitai and malakoi, which had meaning most closely related to: It was a poor translation choice for the two Greek words, but in a culture where homosexuality was a mystery and contrary to procreative sex, the word was unfortunately used. The translation to homosexual was culturally and ideologically based, not theologically rooted.

Homosexuality was considered a mental illness. Virtually no church leaders used the Bible to condemn those who are homosexual during this time period. Homosexuality was not a moral issue. It was considered a mental illness, or a criminal issue. There was no theology around homosexuality. That would not be created until about 30 years after the RSV introduction of the word. Another hard to believe concept. Homosexuality, no longer considered a mental illness by experts, becomes a moral issue and sin in conservative Christian circles.

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Romans 1 and Leviticus For some, the beginning of the gay rights movement in the late s indicated a moral crisis in America. Conveniently, it was used by some, mostly televangelists of the day, as both a donation tool, and a wedge issue motivating voters to side with conservative social and religious issues.

Theology to support this stance was created for the first time. That may be tough to envision, but all historical records of books, journals, and denominational newsletters support this assertion. Christian organizations promising to change homosexuals to heterosexuals envisioned transformation to be so effective that they could even successfully enter into heterosexual marriages.

Subsequent translators after the RSV, for the most part, neglected to revisit those original assumptions and ignorance on the part of the translation team. LGBTQ Christians in church environments were told they were an abomination to God, and could change according to Scriptures, even those these very passages that had never been used in this way before the s. Contrary to the expert opinions of medical professionals, Christian organizations and reparative therapy counseling boom with the promise to change gay people into straight people. Gay Christians are given a few options: Perry, a lesbian, becomes a Christian in this environment.

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