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Gay friendly saunas, bath houses, historical hamams in Istanbul including location maps and visitors reviews. A serious page where pornography, obscene language etc are not allowed.

Growing Up Gay in Turkey (storytime)

Yahoo Turkish Gays - Yahoo Group for Turkish gays where you can exchange information, and meet Turkish gay men or other gay visitor coming to Turkey. Turkey Gay Forum - Gay forum and discussion pages in English, aiming to help gay men sharing information about gay life in various major cities of Turkey. Gay Hotel in Istanbul - Popular gay friendly hotel in Istanbul Escinsel Forum - Message board and community page in Turkish, aimed at sharing information about gay life in different cities of Turkey.

They organize seminars, events, and parties. Lambda Istanbul - The website of Lambda Istanbul, located in Istanbul, a non-government-organization which started the first gay and lesbian movement in Turkey.

Turkey gay websites and international LGBT guides

One of the most active GL liberation movement in the country. Under this category we will be listing of online gay guides of other major cities in the world.

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We will be happy to exchange links with gay guides of other cities, countries and international gay guides. Gay Map QX.

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I'm not looking for frriends here. And i'm not interested older than 30,top or versatile person.

Istanbul Beaches

Aku bisa bahasa indonesia sedikit sedikit. Turkey , , izmir. Turkey , Washington , lipa city.

Turkey , Alabama , izmir. I am a smart looking man who is kind and lovely and cares about men. I am passionate.

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My goal is to meet a man, who is willing to go into relationship with a serious man and also cool. I am highly educated but moderate in meeting people especially men cos i don't want to rush into relationship. David44 Age: Turkey , California , new jezzy. Turkey , Alabama , istanbul.

Nardan Age: Turkey , Alabama , Bursa. Turkey , New York , Istanbul. I am a very caring lover,i need a real man who is going to make me feel very good and have fun Turkey , Alabama , Izmir. Gay male For date, sex, relationship. Like dominant males. Living near Selcuk Izmir Turkey.