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I met Michael Brandon through a mutual acquaintance he was really sweet and humble for a porn model, With such a big dick I was surprised he was such a bottom. I think because his cock is so big and gets so much attention he doesn't get the chance to express his other side. He was also an amazing cocksucker. I am poz and used condoms when I fucked him.

From what I know, he doing well in recovery, does a lot of charity work and still a genuinely nice guy. In the old days, we called them flop houses. Clearly he's struggled with a drug addiction, and his career choices haven't always been in his own best interest, but plenty of men have benefited from his work. For him to do something like a "kissing booth" for charity seems genuine and sweet. Just for comparison, Jeff Palmer had a "come and fuck Jeff Palmer bareback" tent at the Folsom Street Fair a few years back - for free.

Well get you R29! Ain't you just a bundle of fun. But of course I'm sure your shit comes out in plastic bags so you're just too highfalutin' for us lower fags. Porn "actors" are not stars- they're just hookers. I honestly can't believe that these dregs- most of whom are drug addicted midgets- would get a moment's notice outside of the masturbatory experience.

But gay men are like 13 year olds- "oooh, he's a hunk! He must be a good person! I love him!

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I seem to recall that was filmed for SX video and you had to agree to let yourself get filmed while banging Jeff Palmer for free. I don't understand. Gay porn stars are supposed to find rich, older husbands and spend the rest of their lives in idle luxury and bliss! They're the happiest, luckiest guys alive! He's also immune. There are a small percentage of people that are immune almost all descendents of survivors of the Black Plague.

He's using that immunity to make money in bareback porn. Jeff Palmer might claim to be immune, but he's not. He actually seroconverted and he no longer works in porn. I wish the best for Michael Brandon.

Hope he can get clean and start a new life. Such a sad turn of events for a beautiful young man. Yeah I get that image too. But there was one scene I saw him in and it was sort of a turn on. He was leaning over this red chair and playing with a dildo.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

After a few months, he says, he simply got used to it. Slater knows what he is talking about! Sections of this page. When I think of the loving parents of the young men who died as a direct result of Michael Brandon, I weep. Ain't you just a bundle of fun.

Next thing you know this black guy comes in and shoves his huge cock up Palmer's ass. Palmer is just moaning like crazy. One of the things that makes my cock hard as a rock is when a guy moans. Funniest pron I remember seeing showed this blond twink getting plowed from behind when he lifts his head and lets out an unplanned "Oooowwwww! He never appealed to me, while it is sad he is having such difficult times; is anybody really surprised?

Are you fucking stupid or just trolling? Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Is he off the drugs again? Or still on? He has recent pics at his facebook page. He should move his act to the flyover states. No wonder! I still like him. Best cock, and love that he really gets into it. He should've offered people the opportunity to kiss his cock for 20 dollars.

Never get in a kissing match with an attorney! No offense, but do you know where that mouth has been? Would you really want to french kiss him? SF Story. Well, this looks like it was fun! I met MB a couple of years ago before his latest stint in rehab. He was a genuinely nice guy.

What's an "SRO"? I had to stop following him on Twitter because he tweets about 15 things in a row all day long. That site is fascinating, r I've always wondered what goes on in places like that. It just amazes me how gay men strive to fulfill the very worse stereotypes about ourselves. Grow up kids. Find better idols. He's a sexual free spirit.

That this seems to go hand in hand with drug abuse is unfortunate. I hired him once for sex. Add a comment. News News. Channing Joseph Wed.

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