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Pushing it away, he contemplated whether he should let the kid in. Bull had to work not to crack a smile. Not because it tickled in the least, but because this kid would be forward enough to actually touch him. The kid pulled back his hand and lifted big brown puppy eyes to him for a few seconds before heading into the club. Bull swore softly to himself as he watched the kid walk away. When he returned his attention to where it should have been the entire time, he saw Greg, the other bouncer working the door, staring at him with a stupid grin on his face.


Bull growled at him, and Greg turned back to the line, continuing to let people inside. One I have to get it in paper back so you can Sign it for me Andrew and the maybe if I ever cross path with Jesse I want him to sign it. The book sounds delicious, and the cover is dreamy… Nice job, Andrew and Jesse! I loved writing this story and working with Jesse for the cover photograph was amazing! That cover is wonderful. And that is one of my very favorite dynamics, Andrew.

How to get started in gay porn: Interview with Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber

So excited to read this one. I love the cover and have just ordered the book. Jesse, you look awesome and totally take-charge!

I have yet to find a book of yours that I do not like. This one pulled you in and held you the entire time. And the cover model is hot as hell!!! Jesse needs to stop biting his nails. R1 what a nauseating twitter handle. Did anyone actually see this Facebook post that led to all this? Those are some unattractive dudes. That cruise ship was overflowing with drugs, it seems I have heard various reports of how many men overdosed on the ship?

Some say 4 guys?

Dirk Caber and I are at at Phoenix Pride!

Porn Stars are all drug addicts! Is this Jesse person colored? Dirk Caber has fans?

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Salvaor Gomez Jimenez says: Give it a try! Coming to grips with my own sexuality and allowing myself to enjoy sex and passion basically saved my life. Jasun MArk Kamikapse: So it rather shocked me when the director wrote me, saying that there are very few guys who really know their way around a flogger who also look like they should be in a dom role. Back to top Home News U.

The most shocking part of OP's post is the idea that Dirk Caber has fans. I was looking at his website, wtf was up with that leather piano recital?

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Those guys are porn stars? I like Bears but those guys aren't cute.

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The latest Tweets from Jesse Jackman (@JesseJackmanXXX). HuffPost contributor & part-time porn star. Come for the covfefe, stay for the hamberders. Also at. Does anyone know what actually happened between them on the ship and did anyone here see Dirk's "suicidal Facebook post" that led his fans to freak out?.

Another thing that isn't cute? ODs from party drugs in your 50s. R22 middle aged, hell I know guys in their 60s doing that shit.

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Jackson and Caber must close to 60 or over 60 years old already! Is Jackman African American? After daily visits to the tanning salon, yes R25 he is. Did they overdose on the infamous Atlantis cruise from hell? Sounds like this was a major drug cruise! Why does everyone here know so much about porn stars?? Dear Lord in Heaven! Yeah, he looks funny. How many people died from drugs on the gay Atlantis cruise last week?

Who is the older guy? Pron trash drama.

Setting Australia’s LGBTI agenda since 1979

The pools on that ship must be veritable cesspools of disease. How many people died on the gay cruise this year? Were Dirk and boyfriend involved with the storm chaser who died of drug overdose on the cruise?

R39 Interesting observation , does anyone know? Did they both pass away on the cruise. So they hooked me up with my first scene partner, who was one of the guys from Michigan, again by complete coincidence.

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Even if he receives overwhelming praise for his work last month Jackman won the Manly Man award at the Grabbys, the gay porn industry awards he finds it hard not to focus on the negatives. With many gay men in a particular age bracket killed during the worst years of the AIDS crisis, the gap between older guys and younger guys had perhaps become too large to connect across. Both in their early 40s, Jackman and Caber had been just young enough to be spared the worst of it.

Find out where you can pick up a free copy here.

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